To young to get married

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Since we were small we dreamed to get married, to you find the Charming Prince, the man that you dream to get married in a white princess dress, to have a beautiful house and at least one baby. As we mature, however, for most of us, the idea about marriage is changing and we prefer to finish school and have a career before to get married. For others of us, marriage remains a priority and we are in a hurry, even if all those around us say we are too young for marriage. In fact, how young is too young for marriage?

wedding_ring20What does tradition says? In the United States and beyond, the couple must have at least 18 years before they could marry without parental consent. It appears that up to 18 years is not considered mature couple legally to marry. A 1946 Gallup study showed that the consensus of the population is the ideal age for marriage for women is 21 years. The same study, repeated in 2006 show that age 25 is considered ideal for women and 27 for men. As the purpose of marriage has changed from that of tlove procreation and friendship, the average age at which women marry has started to grow increasingly. We no longer focus on sexual maturity, but rather on the emotional, psychological and even financial aspect.If most of our parents are married by the age of 25 years, now it hardly happens. Marriage is postponed as long as possible, many preferring cohabitation.

There are many couples who already have one child or more, and do not want to legalize that connection between them. Motivated often by not seeking more excitement around their wedding, in itself, meaning money thrown out the window, and the relationship they already have is perfect, even if that act is missing. And, fundamentally, the act of marriage does not alter the relationship between the two partners , relationship that it is perfect without the act. May simply have phobia of marriage certificate.
Most of young people say that marriage is no longer fashionable, we like to have other perspectives in life and for sure other models :a partnership life , celibacy or, even, marriages without children. We have become modern, we want to have fun as much and no time for marriage. The studies done lately, shows that partnerships occupy several percent, against marriage. Longitudinal studies carried out over the years have shown that women who got married teenagers , when they had the age between 16 and 19 years were three times more likely to go to divorce than women who marry after 20 years. This is usually because girls expectations about marriage and couple life are not realistic, but based on planned since childhood fantasies about the ideal couple and family life.
We are in a continuous agitation, we came to believe that there are more important things in life, than to go through the marital status or tiring to organize a party with dozens of relatives and friends. Now, the career has come to occupy a much more important place than marriage. For many women, the job is the main concern, neglecting many times, sentimental life. We feel fulfilled if we have a successful career and no longer have time for marriage! For convenience, we do not realize that these two things can go very well together.

Three steps to follow in planning the wedding

April 5th, 2011 by admin

Three steps to follow in planning the wedding

Organizing a wedding it takes time and you don’t have to rush thinking and putting up even the smallest detail because only once you get marry. The advice is that after the budget allocation for the wedding and a reserve for unforeseen expenses, even if you call to a specialized agency, even if not, you have to set exactly the steps that have followed both before and during the wedding.

marriage11 We know that a wedding requires a lot of ‘headaches”: setting the place where the wedding will take place, the church, setting the date for the first stage mentioned, the choice of godparents and bridesmaids, setting number of guests, choosing the rings, candle wedding bouquet for the bride, bouquet for the godmother , flowers, wedding invitations, music, cars, wedding dress, hair styling, makeup, shoes, costume for the partner , balloons, fireworks, wedding favors, bride’s cake, etc. If you do not know the steps leading up to plan the wedding , no offense, but you don’t have to get married. The event must be lived both before and during but after he’s just like the three primary stages of human life.
Step 1: Plan your budget has to be the first step, whether you want a classic or an unconventional wedding. Set your priorities right from the start, make a list of them, from most important to the least important. If you want special rings as being a priority, reduce the budget for the dress and costume. If you want a low cost wedding, the easiest is to cut the budget awarded decorations and flowers. If you want a great honeymoon, you have to spend as little for the reception, so that enough money will remain for the wedding trip.
Step 2:Telling the news to your parents. Once that you established to get married it is the case to announce your parents too. This could be a difficult moment especially if your parents weren’t expected for a wedding, or if they don’t like your partner. In this case it is better to announce your parents separately because you don’t want that your partner feelings to be hurt. If everything it is ok you could organize a meeting with both yours and your partners parents, so they can get along and so you can tell them what are your plans.
Step 3: Maintain positive attitude. Remember that the wedding is a fun event, do not forget how much you love and do not let any of the many inconveniences that arise while preparing to get demoralized. It is not easy to plan a wedding, but positive attitude will help a lot to overcome difficult moments. Do not make personal ambition to solve all the rubble, which prove to be more stressful than big decisions and delegate as many tasks to family and friends or rather, a wedding planner specialized, that will greatly ease the work. Listen to your instinct and your heart always, do what do you feel it must be done at your wedding and not what the label says that the wedding should be done.

Things that should not matter at your wedding

April 5th, 2011 by admin

You will see that organizing a wedding requires a lot of time, dedication and in some moments, very much stress. Brides who have been through a wedding say that many of the worries and problems before the wedding, concerning various details of the organization, proved to be unnecessary. That’s because the wedding day will cwedding7oncentrate on two and on really important aspects, some details will become insignificant and in time, looking back, you will smile thinking about how much you unnecessary stressed for them.
The perfect dress. It is true that the wedding dress is very important, because since you were little you were dreaming at the perfect wedding with the perfect dress. If the dress fits you, its not too large and you can remain undressed, or its not to tight so you cannot breath, then you have the perfect dress .You will see that after you have spend so many weeks looking for the right dress, and then another weeks wondering if it is your dream dress, on your wedding day you will forget about all these aspects , and you will feel the most beautiful in the world.
Flowers for the wedding. The future bride devote a lot of time a future looking for the perfect wedding flowers . It is truth that, the bride’s bouquet is the most important and appear in most pictures, than the rest of the details of flowers. A truth not just about the flowers, but about all the wedding decorations is that no guest will not look at them twice. They will admire at the beginning , then everyone will be so concerned about you two, that detail like that will not be noticed anymore.

Guests that you don’t know. Before the wedding it is possible to have some fights with your parents on the guests and relatives you do not like or you don’t even know, but they “should” be at the wedding. The advice is to send them the invitation without thinking twice and you will see that on the wedding day, being so excited by what is happening, nobody will seem unfriendly. Then, having many guests you will be very concerned to interact with everybody and first of all with people you know and you love and so you will not even notice those for whom you are stressed before the wedding.
Superstitions. There are a lot of superstitions concerning the wedding and for sure you are thinking of them before the big day, but all that you do is that you amplify some fears that are not good for you. Just think that no one and nobody cant ruin you day especially if you are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other. It has no point to “upload” yourself with other worries when there are plenty of real things that you should worry, or maybe not, because once in your lifetime is your wedding and you want to be happy. So let the others worry for you!

The party

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Finally the wedding day is here, and everything must be perfect. So much worries in the last few months WeddingPartythat you barely have the strength to concentrate on the party. First of all you have to establish the budget and depending on the budget but also on the theme of the wedding you can have a classic, a funny, a house, a romantic party.
Full of memories, enjoyment and appreciation of the guests is the wedding party. If you decided to make the wedding during summer , then the best choice would be to organize the wedding party outdoors. This party will need to take into account details over the organization of a local wedding.
You can have an outdoor wedding somewhere in the mountains, the sea or in a restaurant that has a large garden, possibly on the bank of a river or a lake. As these places are “hunted” by most couples to marry following appropriate that you make reservation at least a year before the wedding. Do not forget to prepared a contract by which to establish clearly which are your responsibilities, prices and responsibilities of the restaurant. If you want the wedding to take place in a public space, beach, meadow, you will have to establish what rights do you have with the city hall.
Because you will never be sure what the nature will reserve for your special day, to avoid inconveniences caused by unexpected changes of climate is required to buy a tent.
If you organize the party in a restaurant this implies a lot of aspects that don’t have to be omitted like: the location, the number of places and the number of guests, the floral arrangements, the music, details that you should take into consideration from the moment you decided that you are getting married.
But on your wedding day is more important to enjoy your moment, that it is a unique one, to dance, to socialize to feel beautiful and full of life. It is day that you have dreamed at since you were a little girl and nothing will ruin your dream. So be a happy bride!!!

The colors of the wedding

April 5th, 2011 by admin

A feature that defines the wedding right from the beginning is the dominant color or the colors you choose. The color, combined with the style adopted, will compose the image of the event. Many brides prefer pink or red for their wedding. But you can choose other colors that, in a one stylish unit or assorted colors give a distinctive air. There are three ways to choose the wedding colors. You can choose one color, complementary colors or similar colors . It is not hard to choose any color. Find colors that are in agreement with you, with the wedding dress and the bouquet. This does not mean that you choose similar colors but on the contrary, you seek to find those little shades that contrast your outfit, so you can be in the limelight. But watch the contrasts, they should not be too large, the ideal is to create a harmonious landscape for guests’ eyes, but that you also love .

Orient yourself according to where you choose to do the wedding. The seaside fit best shades of blue, a romantic atmosphere. in a rustic landscape you can choose shades of red and green which creates a cheerful atmosphere, and if the wedding is taking place in a restaurant you can choose from of a variety of colors available, but you have to be carefully to make the right matches .

Season may influence you, you can search for colors, shapes that are in harmony with nature, to create a continuous landscape that unfolds wedding.

First you have to decide which are the dominant colors you want, then you can play in various combinations, funny or romantic, classical, modern or to create a dynamic atmosphere, full of energy.

Try with the help of the computer, in Paint for example, colors and combinations that you want. Search for shades more intense or pastel colors, contrast and accurate color and decide that you will order. You can also use the simulation programs of the rooms, they are much clearer and are less possibility of committing mistakes.

Take into account the material that will create the sets , they may look dull, silky, or be soft. These issues can change the color shade you have chosen initially because of brightness the of their materials.

Choose colors depending on what you want to express, what the wedding symbolizes for you a. You can choose a romantic atmosphere using warm colors, or a cheerful atmosphere with vivid colors, playful. You can create the elegance through a classic décor, using pastel colors darker times, harmonized and fewer contrasts. Also the extravagant decorations, exotic ones represent a choice.

Maid of honor

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The maid of honor status is not a commercial invention of our time. The tradition dates from ancient Roman times, where bridesmaids formed a human shield with the role of hide the bride who didn’t had to be seen by the kidnappers. A variant of the tradition says that bridesmaids were dressed as the bride so the evil spirits to be fooled and not know which one will get marry . They were proceeding in the same way with the groom and the Knights of Honor, only that they could be exposed to evil spirits. In the nearest time, maid of honor is a close friend or sister, it really doesn’t matter , more important is to be as many.

Being maid of honor is not so easy considering the fact that your responsibilities are a lot of activities such as that of always sitting around the bride to see if she needs something, helps her to dress , put the flowers on the chest of the guests, receive the guests with a smile and the list could go on. But the hardest time is the choice of dress! First, you must think of a color! In some cases, the bride gave the green light in choosing bridesmaid dress pattern, but she asked that the color to be like her dress, that is all white.

If the future bride will have no claim and leave everything to your appreciation, then you’ll just work it out. You will have to search for a different color not like that of the bride’s dress because most of the brides prefer that no other female person should have a dress in the same color as the wedding dress . But you also have to take care when choosing the dress, because you don’t want to have a similar dress with the godmother or other important guests. So if it is possible wear an unique dress.
What is the role of a Bridesmaid?
Besides accompanying the bride to the altar, the maid of honor must be a physical and moral support. For some of us is an honor to be maid of honor, but for others can be a nightmare because the bride turns into a terrorist. But you have to be sympathetic, you will have to understand her because it will be your turn one day to be a bride. Maid of honor is the organizer of the brides party . Attention is a great responsibility and make sure you do your homework well because all the heavy work will fall on your back. Be organized and compose a list of what to do to prepare the respective parties, but also with what will happen during parties. If you have courage and you think you know your girlfriend, sister so well then you have to organize a surprise party which will appeal to them. But if you know the bride is very demanding, be sure to consult with her before you take any important decision.

Is he ready to say “YES?”

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Men love their freedom and independence. For some, marriage is the end of freedom and the beginning of the life chain. For others it is a mistake that they do. And most people believe marriage is an exchange at which turning the eternal bond. Marriage is perceived by men as loss of sense of freedom, the obligation to have a single partner of the opposite sex, taking of responsibility and anxiety of a downturn. There could be several reasons why men are afraid to do so.

Lack of confidence in women

Although it seems rather unusual, because usually men are those who betray the trust of women, things can stay way. Many times, men started off their life with some jaundice in childhood or adolescence. Ideas that are plugged into their head by the experimented ones who already went through life and experience. Even if these ideas do not have a solid base, but are pure and simple myths, many men live with these ideas . There is also a second factor : that everything is beautiful is desirable. So then men are afraid that many others will appear in the competition better than they, and they will be removed, pushed aside. This is where the frustration and jealousy.

Entourage, friends and lifestyle

A great deal of influence it can have on an individual, is the entourage. Men usually supported celibacy,bride and groom dancing in the dark in turn why women are at the opposite pole and search for marriage and security. As long as friends will sit around, man will not find a stable partner. In the group of friends, man can be easily influenced by the views of others.

Lack of freedom

If the women compromise in this regard in one way or another, find that men have very big problems adjusting in this regard. Eternal adventurers, when they will feel the smallest spiral of freedom, they will escape. Numerous times, they suffer of the syndrome called “invasion of privacy”. The idea that someone could share everything with them shivers down. Plus, they do not support questions, explanations and personality crises of women.

But the reality is…
Fear of marriage is based on an irrational fear, the refusal to face the responsibilities and hardships of life in two. This fear is more met in the men who prefer to love without formalize the relationship . Marriage anxiety is manifested by direct rejections, but with different stated reasons that men bring to the foreground if possible to postpone marriage. Studies of couples of friends last year showed that the rate of marriage among young people is still down from previous years. The main reasons advanced by men are: lack of trust in relationships unstable and insecure, lack of a stable job.. To these it can be added the lack of socio-cultural and intellectual status congruent with partner status, lack of harmonious relationships with parents and future in-law that would endanger conjugal relationship, lack of free time that was used. But the strongest reason is that once married you have to be limited to a single partner, and this is the equivalent of monotony, the decrease in interest towards the beloved one.

If you want you can say “NO”

April 5th, 2011 by admin

We know that in our life there are three critical moments: birth, marriage, death. But one essential point is the application to marry. Marriage marks the request of a fundamentally existence of a man (or woman, if applicable).You are in trouble is the request doesn’t please your lover Women imagines this time in the most romantic way possible and if possible if it s original is better. It is a moment of great intensity … when all the attention is pointed on them, all eyes and thoughts are channeled to it, because you cannot ignore a request to marry you off, if you happen to be present. “It” is now “the center of the universe”. No one and nothing must spoil the moment.
rings10Marriage comes from a primary human instinct. Perhaps this is also why so many survived hundreds of years and is found in all societies and civilizations of the world. True, marriage offers phenomenal benefits both individuals and society, but is simultaneously a work that began to lose meaning.

The divorce rate has risen worryingly in recent decades. Individualism emerged to the surface, supported by personal rights considered inviolable, and empowerment of women. These things have really increased divorce rate and reduced the attractiveness of marriage. Many couples today prefer to live together without having a formal act which would have deep social and legal implications. There are many reasons why people do not want to get married. One is fear of divorce. Such separation can be caused by emotional or physical abuse, extramarital affairs, lack of money to maintain a decent lifestyle and those are just a few examples. Divorce is a traumatic experience for whatever perspective you look. Stress, suffering and bad things washed in public, many of them are divorced people who don’t want to remarry and are afraid to do the same mistake a second time.
Taking in consideration all these reason, but not only, when you are proposed by your partner, if you are not sure about how much you love your partner, if he is only an decorative object in you relation, if he/she is to possessive or obsessed of control, perfectionist or have some other personality disorders then you should have the power to say no. It is not a disaster, it doesn’t matter if people will speak about this weeks after weeks. You just have to think that it is a decision that you take for life, that it is about your happiness . Even if it sounds like a selfish gesture, and you don’t think about your lover feelings, think that it is better to be sincere both with you and your partner, rather to live a life in pain in sadness.

How to choose the wedding dress

April 5th, 2011 by admin

Since you were a young lady you were dreaming to be a bride in a white dress. From what they mean white dress, to wear that today is a long way to perfect bride. How much do you want the color of innocence and how much you are willing to resist the temptation?
This is a question that most girls are questioning. Satin, with veil, with applications to crystals, lace, tulle or silk dress for your perfect day must be a dream. The dress must be exactly as you want, there are fashion houses to the smallest detail that made wedding dress but not exclusively come to your support, websites abound in the most extravagant models. If you cannot afford to buy a dress and you want a small-budget wedding, call the wedding dress rental. All you have to do is imagine how you want to look. White, pearl white, satin, cream, pink, blue or green, each opted for the desired color. Princess dress is white, can be accessorized with a tiara of crystals and pearls, and if the bride wants something simpler with clips, beads or little flowers.
Wedding Dresses that suits youmarriage12
After you set the budget for the wedding dress next step would be to target a dress that will highlight the wedding. So for those who have an enviable figure is recommended to wear wedding dresses in two pieces: bodice and skirt. The skirt can be both right, but flaring slightly, or very large. Just think you are the most fortunate, because any type of dress a bride will come to you.

Wedding Dresses for those with a robust constitution

If you have a robust constitution you buy a wedding dress that does not have the bodice. It is said that a thinner waist bodice most often emphasize exactly what should be hidden. So a dress from a single piece, with a high waist and three-quarter sleeve would be ideal. You can also opt for a dress with a neckline that is more deep and wide at the bottom.
Wedding Dresses which bears this season
Wedding Dresses with many folds are no longer as valued as in past years. However, if you feel very well in such a dress, wear it with confidence. It matters very much what you state when you are dressed in wedding dress. Classic dress makes you look more thinner because of vertical cuts. It is never unfashionable.

Wedding dress accessories

Accessories you want to wear on wedding day has to match well with the wedding dress. If the dress has caught all kinds of flowers or sequins, beads, embroidery is preferably not to load with too much jewelry. Earrings and a necklace is simple enough.
Veil or wreath wedding?

Vail began to be easily expelled from the bride’s outfit in recent years. Many women prefer white flowers accessorized hairstyles many natural or artificial. As to the colors of this season it tends to accept everything from classic white, warm colors and open blue pink pale yellow to shades of red and blue.

Guests list

April 5th, 2011 by admin

Creating list of wedding invitations can become a total chaos. Whether you require the mother to invite all neighbors, whether your partner insists to invite colleagues from work, you will encounter some obstacles in planning the list of guests. There is still hope. If you follow these tips then you will not have some nightmare surprises invited for your wedding.
Choose invitations depending on budget.
GuestListBefore you begin to think about the guest list think about the budget that it is allocated for the wedding, but also the type of wedding that you desire. If you want a wedding with a few guests, you should choose just the important persons in your life to participate at the wedding and you can come with a plus on the menu, decorations and favors. If you want to make a big wedding, because you have so many people that you cannot cut from the list, you can opt for a more modest and less menu decorations to fit into the budget originally set. If you want to make no compromise in terms of wedding style, location, menu and decorations, you will have to limit the number of guests, so you could have the wedding that you desire without making a hole in the budget.
Who are the guests
Generally it is , told that the family who pays more for the cost of the wedding have the right to invite more people to the wedding.
The simplest approach is that each set of parents have to invite the same number of people or a proportion of funds contributed to the cost of the wedding. If your parents or in-laws really need to invite more than the number of persons than you shall consider to ask them more money to cover the spending but also not to overcome the potential of the location.It is out of the question not invite your parents, grandparents, brothers, uncles and favorite aunts, so do not talk about it, but about those relatives whom you rarely see or never . Even if the parents insist to invite them, because this is right or that have some debt to them, try to make the list so that the closest relatives to be present. Then review the budget and room capacity where the wedding is organized and only then include other people . Relatives you do not ever see or even do not know … can be excluded to protect yourself from embarrassing moments to congratulate you and squeeze you in their arms from people you have never saw in your life.
Friends and colleagues. Where’s the party and fun, tend to collect a lot of people, but that does not mean that you have to invite your hairdresser and teacher of the class I. That friends should be chosen among those who have a close friendship and duration, which will share daily life, not those who are ready to share with you at the wedding and that’s it .In generally invite friends who are closer to you and they might be in the future. In terms of college or job colleagues, don’t invite the hole group just because you were getting along well during university .

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